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Jay At Play Reviews From The Toy Insider Take an Expert Look at FlipaZoo Two-In-One Plush Characters

Experts from The Toy Insider praise two-in-one surprise of FlipaZoo plush characters in one of a number of glowing Jay At Play reviews.

A two-in-one surprise providing a pair of different plush styles in a single cute and cuddly form factor, FlipaZoo characters have gone down a storm with The Toy Insider. Just one of a huge number of glowing Jay At Play reviews for the global toy brand’s wildly popular transforming plushies, they’ve also received The Toy Insider’s Autism Toy Pick as part of a pair of in-depth Jay At Play reviews for FlipaZoo on the leading toy website’s platform.

“Choosing just one toy in the toy store is easily the hardest thing in the world for most kids,” says The Toy Insider. “But Jay at Play is making things a little easier with FlipaZoo,” the first of several Jay At Play reviews from the leading toy website goes on, “a line of two-in-one plushies that give kids two toys for the price of one.”

Combinations showcased by The Toy Insider include husky to polar bear, cat to mouse, giraffe to hippo, and tiger to elephant. The Toy Insider praises each FlipaZoo character’s super-fluffy body, equally perfect as a pillow at naptime, or for when families are on the go. One of many similarly positive Jay At Play reviews for FlipaZoo available online, The Toy Insider also praises their endearing smiles, and the way in which FlipaZoo plushies make for great storytelling tools, allowing kids to quickly change characters with ease as they spin their own creative tales.

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The Toy Insider’s experts have posted Jay At Play reviews not just for FlipaZoo, but for Mush-A-Belly and Happy Nappers, too. While the first of The Toy Insider’s Jay At Play reviews heaped praise on FlipaZoo for offering kids two toys for the price of one, Happy Nappers were deemed the perfect play pillow, and Mush-A-Belly was crowned the ideal combination of cute and silly.

The FlipaZoo brand from Jay at Play has also received The Toy Insider’s Autism Toy Pick for children on the spectrum. “FlipaZoo plushies make for great storytelling, as a way to work on speech and social interactions,” says expert Charlene in one of her three Jay At Play reviews available via the toy review platform’s website. As part of her Autism Toy Pick, Charlene further goes on to praise the ability of FlipaZoo to have kids flip their plush, helping them to work on their fine motor skills, as a way to tackle pattern emulation, and more.

To find out more about FlipaZoo, head to https://jayatplay.com/ or search online for FlipaZoo. For expert Jay At Play reviews from The Toy Insider, meanwhile, visit https://www.thetoyinsider.com/tag/jay-at-play/.

Jay At Play Shares Closer Look at Light-Up Plush Lullabrites

As seen on TV, global toy brand Jay At Play offers a closer look at its lullaby-playing light-up pillow-and-plush combos, Lullabrites.

From a traditional teddy bear to a perfectly on-trend unicorn character, Lullabrites from Jay At Play boast two fantastic features over the many other plush toys available on the market currently. Soothing young children off to sleep with twinkling lights and calming melodies, Lullabrites are the perfect friends to help them nod off at bedtime, according to Jay At Play.

“Lullabrites are a collection of imaginative pillow-and-plush combos,” explains a Jay At Play spokesperson, “that feature color-changing lights that twinkle and shine, and each of which plays soft, melodic lullabies to comfort children at night.”

All Lullabrites characters play three bedtime lullabies, according to Jay At Play. “These include Brahms’ Lullaby, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and Hush Little Baby,” adds the global toy company’s representative, speaking from the brand’s U.S. headquarters in Florida.

As seen on TV, the Lullabrites collection features a number of individual and imaginative characters, including a choice of traditional bears, a panda, a turtle, and—most popular of all—a lullaby-playing light-up unicorn that, Jay At Play says, is right on-trend.

Each Lullabrites character lights up and cycles through a series of colors. The pillow-and-plush combos can, Jay At Play reports, also be used as a convenient nightlight. “Why not transition into bedtime easily with a Lullabrites plush?” suggests Jay At Play‘s Florida-based spokesperson.

One press of a Lullabrites’ tummy delivers fun colors and plays sleepy bedtime music, the brand says, and, when pushed again, the music stops, but the soothing light remains on. Pressed a third time to turn off both lights and sounds, each Lullabrites plush can be used as a regular stuffed animal, too, Jay At Play points out. “Kids love having a friend to help them fall asleep at bedtime, and Lullabrites are a great gift idea for children who have trouble falling asleep, or who may be afraid of the dark,” adds the company’s representative, “especially as each Lullabrites character can also double as a nightlight.”

The brand behind Lullabrites, Jay At Play is also responsible for a plethora of other award-winning dolls, plush toys, youth electronics, collectibles, crafts, and activities. These include Happy Nappers—a colorful, fun play pillow which pulls open to reveal a sleepy sack surprise— FlipaZoo, Zigamazoos, Mushabelly, Popzeez, Super Cute Little Babies, and Twinkle Play Tents, as well as Stuffaloons Stuffed Baloon Making Machine and the toy company’s innovative Boxy Babies line of collectible dolls.

In stores, online, and on television, Jay At Play‘s aim is to produce, promote, and supply the very pinnacle of modern toy industry standards. To discover the Lullabrites range from Jay At Play, head to  Walmart stores, and Walmart.com. To find out more about Jay At Play, meanwhile, visit the global toy brand’s interactive website at https://jayatplay.com/.

Jay At Play Reviews New Way to Celebrate with Stuffaloons Stuffed Balloons

Global toy company Jay At Play reviews how one of its latest innovations is helping kids to create, inflate, and celebrate.

The fun, new way to inflate, create, and celebrate with their very own stuffed balloons, Stuffaloons from global toy company Jay At Play provides kids of all ages with unlimited creative fun, according to early Jay At Play reviews for the all-new product.

“The all-new Stuffaloons kit comes complete with our innovative Stuffaloons maker, three packs of confetti, two packs of glitter, standard and mini balloons, reusable clips, a number of colorful display cones, curly ribbons, pom-poms, and more,” explains a Jay At Play representative, speaking from the global toy company’s U.S. headquarters in Florida.

Originally unveiled late last year, now available to order online, and expected to hit the shelves in stores for the first time soon, early Jay At Play reviews for Stuffaloons have praised the product on numerous fronts.

Jay At Play reviews for Stuffaloons have called the stuffed balloon kit perfect for all occasions, ideal for creating one-of-a-kind gifts and unique party decorations, and fun for all ages, and have credited the innovation with providing unlimited creative entertainment.

Stuffaloons from Jay At Play reviews first surfaced earlier this year when the global toy company showcased its latest innovation at the 2020 New York Toy Fair, held from February 22 until February 25, 2020. “Jay At Play really blew me away this year at New York Toy Fair 2020!” says one of a number of Jay At Play reviews from attendees at the event.

“Their booth was full of amazing toys and products,” they go on. “I felt the overall theme was playful fun, particularly with Stuffaloons – the easy and inexpensive way to create your own custom balloons,” adds just the first of many such Jay At Play reviews.

Stuffaloons join a wealth of new products, including Happy Nappers, Mushabelly, Popzeez, Super Cute Little Babies Dolls, and Boxy Babies, recently or soon-to-be added to Jay At Play’s growing collection of dolls, plush toys, youth electronics, collectibles, crafts, and activities. “Year after year, we continue to create brand new, buzz-worthy products benefiting from outstanding brand equity,” says the company’s representative.

Beyond Stuffaloons, other Jay At Play reviews also praise the company—the name behind Boxy Girls, Wish Me Puppies, FlipaZoo, Lullabrites, Zigamazoos, JamBrites, and many more—for its shopping experience, customer service, and high quality, cute products. “I had a great experience with Jay At Play,” says customer Rormina in one of many Jay At Play reviews posted online. “Very cute product and great customer service!” says another Jay At Play review from shopper Bente.

“Such great products! Everything is quality made!” adds Jay At Play customer Brittany, meanwhile, in the third of numerous recently uploaded five-star Jay At Play reviews, wrapping up the latest testimonials for the global toy company whose products are now enjoyed in more than 75 countries around the world.